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Participating partners and people

                                                         Photo: Martin Isaeus, AquaBiota

Participants per partner:

University of Gothenburg
Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Klaipeda University, CORPI
University of Helsinki
Åbo Akademi University
AquaBiota Water Research

University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Department of Marine Ecology

Martin Gullström, Post-Doc
Research interest: Trophic relationships in temperate and tropical coastal systems, fish ecology, landscape/seascape dynamics, habitat connectivity and ecological consequences of anthropogenic impacts.
Phone: 46 523 185 34, 46 709 202 140
E-mail: martin.gullstrom@zoologi.su.se

Susanne Liljenström, program officer
E-mail: Susanne.Liljenstrom@bioenv.gu.se

Mats Lindegarth, Assoc Prof, PREHAB coordinator
Research interest: Benthic marine habitats, marine habitat mapping, modeling and statistical analysis of benhic communities.
Phone: 46 31 786 96 72, 46 76 622 96 72
E-mail: mats.lindegarth@bioenv.gu.se

Genoveva Gonzalez Mirelis, PhD
Research interest: Predictive mapping of marine benthic habitats, the use of geospatial data to optimize biodiversity conservation planning.
Phone: + 46 526 686 81
E-mail: genoveva.gonzalez@marecol.gu.se
Personal homepage

Robin Svensson, PhD
Research interest: Biodiversity and species coexistence, ecological disturbances, the role of chemical ecology in biological invasions.
Phone: 46 526 686 84
E-mail: robin.svensson@marecol.gu.se

Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE

Anna-Leena Downie, MSc
Research interest: Benthic marine habitats, marine habitat mapping and modeling.
Phone: 358 20 490 2255
Email: anna-leena.downie@ymparisto.fi

Heikki Peltonen, Senior researcher
Research interest: Spatial patterns and function of marine ecosystem.
Phone: 358 2 0490 2236, 358 4 0014 8533
E-mail: heikki.peltonen@ymparisto.fi

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Ulf Bergström, Researcher
Reserach interests: Ecosystem effects of fishing, fish habitat modelling, spatial fisheries management.
Phone: 46 173 464 85
E-mail: ulf.bergstrom@slu.se

Göran Sundblad, PhD
Research interest: Fish ecology & spatial modelling.
Phone: 46 816 1081, 46 70 447 17 41
E-mail: goran.sundblad@aquabiota.se

Klaipeda University, Lithuania
Coastal research and planning institute, CORPI

Martynas Bucas, PhD
Reserach interests: Macrophytobenthos, habitat mapping, biostatistics.
Phone: 370 46 398 874
E-mail: martynas@corpi.ku.lt
Personal homepage

Kestutis Ducinskas, Prof
Reserach interest: Spatial and multivariate statistics.
Phone 370 46 398 851
E-mail: kestutis.ducinskas@ku.lt

Sergej Olenin, Prof
Reserach interest: Macrozoobenthos, invasive species, habitat mapping
Phone: 370 46 398 847
E-mail: sergej@corpi.ku.lt
Personal web site

Andrius Siaulys, MSc
Reserach interest: Macrozoobenthos, habitat mapping.
Phone number: 370 46 398874
E-mail: andrius@corpi.ku.lt
Personal web site

Samanta Trumpyte, BSc
Reserach interest: Behaviour of seals.
Phone: 370 46 398 870
E-mail: trumpytee@gmail.com

University of Helsinki, Finland
Department of Economics and Management

Anna-Kaisa Kosenius, Post-Doc
Reserach interest: Economic valuation of marine ecosystem goods and services.
Phone: 358 50 4151 219
E-mail: anna-kaisa.kosenius@helsinki.fi
Personal web site

Markku Ollikainen, Prof
Reserach interest: Economic instruments for the Baltic Sea Protection.
Phone: 358 9 1915 8065
E-mail: markku.ollikainen@helsinki.fi
Personal web site

Elina Seppala, Research assistant, PhD-student
E-mail: elina.h.seppala@helsinki.fi

Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Environmental and Marine Biology

Johanna Mattila, Assoc Prof
Reserach interest: Shallow-water ecology, experimental ecology, biodiversity incl. habitat mapping and modelling in the Baltic Sea.
Phone: 358 400 593 155
E-mail: jmattila@abo.fi
Personal web site

Mikael von Numers, Researcher
Research interests: Longterm changes in the flora and birdfauna of the archipelago of SW Finland.
Phone: 358 2 215 3422
E-mail: mnumers@abo.fi
Personal web site

Martin Snickars, Ph D
Reserach interest: Ecology and function of shallow, vegetated coastal areas, GIS as tool in habitat mapping and spatial allocation of sea uses, ecosystem goods and services of coastal waters.
Phone: 358 0 2215 3450
E-mail: masnicka@abo.fi
Personal web site

AquaBiota Water Research, Sweden

Karl Florén, MSc

Reserach interest: Spatial modeling of marine species
Phone 46 816 1228

E-mail: karl.floren@aquabiota.se

Martin Isaeus, PhD, managing director
Reserach interest: Spatial modeling of marine species
Phone 46 816 1011

E-mail: martin.isaeus@aquabiota.se

Nicklas Wijkmark, MSc

Reserach interest: Marine monitoring and spatial modeling
Phone 46 816 1228

E-mail: nicklas.wijkmark@aquabiota.se

Sofia Wikström, PhD

Reserach interest: Plant ecology and spatial modeling
Phone 46 816 1012

E-mail: sofia.wikstrom@aquabiota.se

PREHAB Partners

PREHAB partners come from four universities and two national authorities in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania. Since 2010 research company AquaBiota is an associated partner. Together we represent a solid expertise in marine ecology, fishery science, statistical modelling, GIS and environmental and resource economics.


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